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Is there anyone I’m not ripping off here? (It seems to be running in the family lately – some sort of intellectual copyright virus). In the course of my research I looked up some of the locations in Joel Sternfeld’s … Continue reading

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Like the crew on the starship Enterprise…

“Now historians have a new tool that can help. Advanced technology similar to Google Earth, MapQuest and the GPS systems used in millions of cars has made it possible to recreate a vanished landscape.” As I was about to start … Continue reading

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Tethered Aerostat Radar System I’m not sure if this has anything to do with photography, but it was one of the most surprising and memorable things I saw on our recent road trip through western Texas. From the wikipedia page: The Tethered Aerostat … Continue reading

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Too many photographs, hooray I was at a panel discussion recently and someone asked a question about digital photography, which prompted woeful dismay from a couple of the panelists about too many bad photographs and too little editing. But I’m counting on artists … Continue reading

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Joan Fontcuberta’s Googlegrams Actually, I have no idea what I think about this new work by Joan Fontcuberta. But it’s iconic war imagery, google, and Fontcuberta, so I’m taking note.

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Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 I saw this show at ICP and didn’t like a lot about the show itself — mostly the hanging and exhibition design — but I think the photographs and their story are fascinating, and have incredible potential for further … Continue reading

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A nice post on the media-savvy President Lincoln:

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