Too many photographs, hooray

I was at a panel discussion recently and someone asked a question about digital photography, which prompted woeful dismay from a couple of the panelists about too many bad photographs and too little editing. But I’m counting on artists — and I’ll do my part, too — to keep us interested in how we consume and use all these images.

Penelope Umbrico’s “Suns (From Sunsets) from Flickr” (detail)

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2 Responses to Too many photographs, hooray

  1. Camden Hardy says:

    It’s really easy to dismiss digital photography with the quantity vs quality premise, and I’m starting to get really annoyed when I hear someone do that. The same problem exists (existed?) with analog photography – the only difference here is that the internet has boosted our consumption of bad (and good) photographs exponentially. Maybe we’re all just getting jaded…

  2. Camden, thanks for your comment. Agreed! To me, the issue of quantity (and the boost in consumption) is its own interesting aesthetic and experiential problem/issue/reality — so we need artists, scholars and curators who want to work on that. “The archive” is one route in, but I don’t think it yet wholly addresses the digital realm.

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